This is Why You’re Losing 40% of Your Day

How to Time Block

If you’re not out there time-blocking, you’re losing 40% of your day.

If you’re already a business owner, you know how employees can distract you. Let’s just say you’re typing an email and somebody knocks on your door – you’re distracted, you’re taken away from what you’re doing. Then when you try and get back into it, there’s like two or three minutes for your body to actually get back into your rhythm.

Bang. Now you’ve got a text message. You reply then take two or three minutes to get back into your rhythm. Bang. A phone call. Same thing happens. Multiply that by 40-50 times throughout the day and you end up losing 40% of your day on distractions.

That’s why it’s so important for you guys to have time-blocking in place.

Time-Blocking 101

Time-blocking is scheduling a time (maybe 1 hour) where you work on what you need to work on with no distractions.

Set a rule in your office that no one comes in when the door’s shut. Set your phone on silent. Don’t touch your phone when you’re doing certain tasks. When you’re in a meeting, everybody turns their phones off. No one gets distracted when you’re time-blocking.

Mute Your Phone

The only way it works is if nothing is pulling you away from your task. Even as I write this right now, my phone’s on silent, so I know I’m not gonna get pulled away, lose my train of thought and waste time.

When you’re on a roll and you’ve got that momentum, you want to maintain that consistency. And you’re going to see that productivity come back in your balance sheet, your profit and loss statement and your business growth.

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