This Will Change Your View on Debt Collection

Now if you’re like me, you hate ringing people to chase up payments.

  1. It’s a serious effort
  2. You know you’re being annoying
  3. You know a lot of them will tell you BS

Let’s face it, people don’t like paying. It’s just the way that it is. And it’s always been like that. I used to just put up with day after day, after day, until finally I had enough. I was like this has got to stop. I’d had enough of it.

So I started palming that off to someone else thinking they’re gonna be exactly the same as me. Well that was just my personal belief. Until I started reaching out and I found someone that was like: holy cow, give me the job, I love chasing debt.

So the story I want to make here is don’t have made-up preconceptions on anything.

I know as tradies, we have preconceptions that you can never hire a good employee or apprentice. I had that same belief about debt collecting that I’ll never find someone that’ll want to collect debt. And if I did, I’d have to pay them an arm and a leg. But I found someone out there that loves it, they chase it, they’re like give it to me I’ll call them now.

That was like a game changer for me once I found this person. So there’s someone out there that can help you and wants to do the things that you don’t want to do. 

The other awesome thing here that I also want to point out is there are portals online for this type of industry where all you have to do is upload an invoice through a portal (with the customers details, the work completed, when it was due). It’s an automated system – you don’t need to ring up to speak to a lawyer and pay thousands of dollars for emails back and forth.

It’s a simple process where you upload your invoice to the portal and it’ll have a letter in the mail that day. It’ll have an email in their inbox that day and you watch the payments just start rolling in.

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