This Will Transform Your Business (Sales & Operations)

Sales and operations

All businesses are split in half.

First of all, the whole world is run by businesses. Look at the way everything in your life is structured – you go to school to get an education so you can get a job to work at a business. Or some people want to leave school and start a business. That’s why I’m so fascinated by businesses and why I want to help you guys succeed so much: so you can grow your business.

If you divide a business in half, you can see straight away there’s an operations side and a sales side, regardless of whether you can see it right now. When your phone rings (if you’re a one man van) you’re a salesman.

When you’re doing that quote, that’s the sales side.

Once it’s booked in, now it’s the operations side.

You just need to magnify that and look at it at a bigger scale. That’s what I want to try and get into your heads. Let’s set up a system and a business for you where you’ve got it split and half. We’ve got a fully systemised and self-run sales side and a fully systemised self-run operations side.

So once we start getting deeper and deeper into it – maybe you’re at the start of your journey and you want to know how to set one up or you’ve already got a business that’s running – I want to help you guys take those steps and grow. So once you get fully into the swing of things, you’ll have what I have.

I have:

  • A full team of sales guys and a sales manager driving those sales guys.
  • A full team of operations making sure that installations are going in.
  • Above them, someone scheduling the jobs and ordering the materials.
  • The accountant at the top.

An accountant sits above you in terms of the org chart. You and the account are probably gonna be best mates. You’re going to know the ins and outs, the KPIs of the business, the conversion rates, and everything else.

In a nutshell, every single business out there is split in half. You’ve got your sales side and your operations side. You need to know – when you look at your business – where’s all your energy going. I want to help you guys set that up and get this sales side smashing out of the park so you guys can start taking over your industry.

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