Urgent Tasks are Killing Your Business

Anything urgent that you’re doing right now is killing your business.

One huge thing I learnt when I was growing my business was that there’s a huge difference between urgent and important. Urgent is just like – quickly gotta pay this bill or get the truck serviced. That  stuff is gonna cripple you if you pay all your attention to it.

You need to have a nice split. Don’t get me wrong, those things need to be attended to. We need to have a nice even split on things that are important and urgent. You’re never going to get anywhere if you concentrate enough percentage of your energy and creativity into urgent tasks.

You will start making progress, however, when you start to spend time on important things. When you start doing that, those urgent tasks that always pop up will start to reduce in numbers. If you have smart systems in place that mean your employees don’t need to contact you to buy urgent materials. Another important thing could be automated things like sending out invoices.

Your teams could have an app where they calculate all their hours (overtime included). Then it sends you simple reports. I’m telling you right now, once that scale starts to tip from focusing on urgent tasks to focusing on important tasks, that’s when your business starts to skyrocket.

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