What Happened to Me Will Make You Laugh

I remember this day very clearly.

I had everything all set out – the jobs were booked in, the materials were ordered, everything was going gung-ho. It wasn’t until about lunchtime that I got a phone call from a lady asking where the solar panel installers were.

I contacted the guys and they said they were nearly done. It wasn’t until another 15 minutes after that conversation that I realised we had installed a system on the client’s neighbour’s roof. We installed a system on the wrong house!

And you know I could’ve gotten angry and upset about it, but then I started to realise it’s actually quite funny. It’s a good story to tell. It did cost me a little bit of money to try and turn it around from there, but the moral story is try not to take things so seriously.

There was a lesson to learn from what happened and now we have new systems in place so that will never happen again. And now I look at it and I laugh about it. So if anything bad is happening in your life – something’s gone pear-shaped this morning – don’t take it so seriously.

Think of this rule: if you’re not going to think about it in two years time then don’t spend more than two minutes on it today.

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