What is a Lead?

I remember back in 2016, if someone ever said the word ‘lead’ to me, I was like: ‘What the hell is a lead? Do you mean an extension lead?’

Fast-forward four years, here’s my new answer: A lead is anyone that’s qualified and has expressed interest in your business.

Right now, you’ve got different ways of getting leads. There’s:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • YouTube ads
  • And more.

There are 22 million people in Australia right now who are all active and on these platforms.

Example: Say you’re a plumber who has a group of people out there and they might have had some sort of interest in your service. What are you doing right now to be seen? What are you doing right now to grab those people and turn them into a client? Each one of them is called a lead.

How to Get Leads

The best way for you to get these leads takes three steps:

  1. Create an irresistible offer
  2. Put it in front of people
  3. Retarget those who express interest.

It’s like when you’re looking up places to go on holiday and you click on a promotion for a trip to Thailand. Then the next next day you’re scrolling through your feed and all you see are ads for holidays to Thailand.

That’s retargeting. And it’s the same thing you can set up for your business. It’s about creating that subconscious awareness – creating your brand and putting it in the back of their mind. So when it does come time when someone needs your service – maybe they’ve had enough of their dodgy aircon and need a new one – they think of you.

But how do you get a lead in the first place?

Well it can start on a Google results page. If you can rank above your competition on Google, then they’ll click onto your website and follow your sales funnel. They fill out a lead form to get a quote or more information, then they become a lead.

You can pass on their info to your sales team – or maybe it’s just you at this point – to contact straight away. That’s lead generation: contacting that lead and explaining to them your story, your products, your warranties, your experience, your unique selling points, and more. 

Then you’re also retargeting them with ads so they remember your brand and become familiar with it.

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