What is Your Body Telling You?

Start to listen to your body.

Search for any physical symptoms that you’re under stress. I was shocked when I did this. I noticed that my heart was actually palpitating out of rhythm, I started to notice that I could never get to sleep properly – and when I was asleep I’d wake up in the middle of the night panting – I started to notice that when I was sitting at my desk I’d be tensing up without even knowing it.

It was alarming! How long had I been like that for? So start to pay attention to how your body’s feeling, what you’re going through, and start to notice the stress. Stress is a critical thing that can kill you. 

Pay attention to your body. What is it telling you?

  • Is your body shaking?
  • Is it palpitating?
  • Are you tensing up?

These are all really good examples that you are under too much stress. Look into what triggers your stress. Maybe you need to go get into some daily rituals, some meditating, some stretching. Start to find ways that you can start to get away from all that excitement and those problems that are getting you worked up. It could be as simple as setting up cut-off periods for your phone. Take this stuff very seriously and you’ll change your life for the better.

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