Which Employee Are You Putting Up With?

There’s a story about a howling dog.

I’ll cut this story short: there’s an old howling dog. Someone moves into a house and they just keep hearing this dog howling howling howling and it goes on for weeks and months and they finally went to find it.

They go next door and there’s a dog just sitting there howling away and they’re like what the hell’s going on with this dog? So they pick him up and they move him and then he stops and they looked down and he was sitting on a little tiny nail. And the analogy behind it is we’ve all got these tiny little niggling nails that we just keep sitting on and putting up with and it’s subconsciously wearing you down and beating you down.

Now a quick example of how this in my life was I had a storeman. I’d come up and I kept asking him to do this simple task. And I’d be like, ‘mate did you get that done?’ And he’d just be like, ‘oh I forgot, I’ll go do it now.’

And I felt sorry for him, so I kept putting up with it. I asked him to do less and I paid him more. That was a silly mistake – don’t ever throw money at people to motivate them, it’s a temporary thing and you’ll end up being more and more frustrated.

So when I heard this analogy, I knew that he was a nail I was sitting on. The second I got rid of him, I felt a weight off my shoulders. I felt happier, I felt better and I got the right person in there for the role and we started kicking goals.

Have a look at your business and have a look at and identify what are your nails? There could be employees, an accountant, someone you’re interacting with that you just keep putting up with because you think that you can’t get someone better.

The truth is, there are people out there that want to dig holes, there are people out there that want to climb through a roof, there are people out there that fit the role and who aren’t a nail. If you put it out there to the universe, you’ll find the right person for the role and you’ll escalate your business and go to another level. Stop sitting on nails!

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