Why I Have the Best Employees in the World

I have employees that are invested in me and the business. They take the business’s success as their responsibility. We’re just one big family. Now you’re probably wondering how you can get something like that. It’s simple.
Start treating your employees like they’re your brother or your sister, your mum or your dad, your auntie or your uncle. They’re your family. Start to pay attention to their lives and sit down with them with an employee handbook. (If you don’t have one, I can give you my employee handbooks that I use).

Employee Handbook

These are awesome for the start of the year especially. Just sit down with them with the book – it talks about you, the structure of the company, the culture in the company. Then towards the back I like to leave a little section where it’s about them. It’s about their personal goals, struggles and things they want to improve on.
Really start to dive down. Don’t make it all about you and your business, invest half an hour to an hour in their day and really work out these goals. They might turn around and say:

  • I want to buy a house this year
  • I want to learn how to go to gym – I’ve never been to gym
  • I want to you invest and buy a motorbike
  • I want to start my own business.

That last one is a great one. I love helping people start businesses. It’s in my blood. I love teaching them how to start it from scratch, how to get sales, and just turn the thing into a frigging cash machine.

Map Out Goals

When people turn around and tell you these things, don’t just look out and go: that’s great, it’s a pretty good goal, well done. Sit there and then spend another 15 to half an hour pulling it apart. Look at where you are and map out that goal over the year.
Maybe they’ve got 12 months to get you a house. Work out what needs to be done. Find out the location they want to live, how much money they’ll need. How big the deposit will be. Once you work all these things out, you’re left with a plan.
Okay, we need $20k by October that gives you November to look and December to sign a contract. You have ten months, we need $20k – divide it into the months. Step it out into baby steps. Work out a way to get it happening. Once they start to see you’re invested in them, you watch them get excited about it.
They’ll see there’s a foolproof plan in front of them; you didn’t just make it up and go we’re gonna win the lottery next week and you’re going to have a house. It’s an actual foolproof plan that you’ve mapped out to them.
You’ve mapped out what you want from them and they’ve explained to you what they want in terms of growth or potential goals. You’re invested in them and they’re now invested in you. That’s how I have employees that’ll answer the phone at five o’clock in the morning and I’ll send them an email at nine or ten o’clock at night and I’ll get a response within five minutes.
That’s how you take a business from nothing to something in three years. It’s the people you have around you. Your people are your strengths, so you need to invest in them and watch them invest in you. It’s the best thing I ever did and I can’t push that enough for you guys to look at your people around you.

Treat Them Like Family

I might even pick up on little tiny things, like if someone’s looking to move and they need to quickly come up with a bond. I’ll loan them a couple of grand. I straight up won’t even think about it. I’ll put two grand in their bank account the next day so they can go put an application in for a new house.
Maybe they’ve got some things coming up with medical issues or they need to spend extra money for a school trip – stuff like that. I don’t think about it for a second. I quickly do it because I know that that’s going to come back tenfold in their attitude, enthusiasm and confidence. It’ll come back in so many different ways.
Invest in your employees. Treat them like they’re your family. Do everything you can for them and I guarantee you it comes back in so much wealth, it’s not funny. When I’ve had these people working in my business and then someone else has entered the business, they’ve pulled me aside and say, ‘holy cow, how did you get these people? These people are amazing. It’s crazy you would be lucky to find one of these in a million years and you’ve got a team of them.’
That’s what I want for you guys. Let’s craft your business and turn it into a multi-million dollar profit machine.

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