Why You Need Failure

Failure is the best thing that can ever happen to you. If you look at any great leader, have they ever made anything good without failing? No, everybody makes failures; they’re the best thing that can ever happen to you.
A. You get a free lesson.
B. You get to learn and grow from it.
Everything that knocks you down can have a positive effect. Think about it, you go to the gym and you’re tearing muscles. Then they grow stronger. The same thing happens every time you make a failure or a mistake. It tears you down, yes, but you grow up stronger and better from it.
If you’re looking for a life without any failures, then you’re looking for an average life. Anyone out there that’s ever scared of making a failure it’s because they’re being controlled and manipulated by the people around them – friends and family. All these people are subconsciously squashing you by telling you not to do things that are scary – and just play it safe.
Start seeking out failures more and more. The more failures you can hit, the more lessons you can get.

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