Why You’re Feeling Deflated

I can guarantee it’s because of the people that you’re hanging around.

You might not know this because they’re your friends or your family, but a lot of people out there are playing the victim card and blaming things – that’s actually bringing you down. You want to start hanging around with people that are looking at the world from a positive outlook.

I’m not saying everything is all positive positive positive, but at the end of the day if you can look at everything as it’s happening ‘for’ you and not ‘to’ you, you’ll start to transform your life. I remember I used to get all these phone calls every single day with people asking me all these questions. It was too much and it stressed me out. The second that I flipped that on its head and started to think about ‘why’ I was getting those calls – it was because my business was growing.

And all those dumb questions I was gettin asked were my fault – I wasn’t training my staff or explaining things well enough to clients. Step back and see the bigger picture – it’ll make you grateful and will show you where you can make improvements.

If you hang around bad people that are always thinking bad negative things are are gossiping, it’s so easy just to quickly jump in with that crowd and start to whinge about things yourself. Instead, start hanging around with people that are encouraging you or doing better than you.

You always want to be entering a race with people that are five times faster than you. Because what have you got to do to just stay in that race? You’ve got to work your ass off. If you’re hanging around people that are doing less than you, you’ll start to sink down and you’ll start to just think it’s okay and that you’re actually doing alright. Because in comparison, you are.

So you want to be always pushing forward and hanging around with people that are more successful. They have more businesses and properties than you. They will help you lift your standards. So have a think about it. Are your friends bringing you down or are they bringing you up?

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