Your After-Work Routine is Crucial

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What are you doing when you get home after work?

A lot of people are just getting home and numbing themselves. They got on their phone and watch TV or go out for dinner and drinks with friends. For me personally, I’ve ingrained this system into my mind:

There’s always something productive you can be doing.

It could be logging on and clearing out those 500 emails you have in your inbox – systemise it. It could be reaching out to previous clients and getting feedback. It could be planning for tomorrow, triple-checking the jobs next week and make sure you’ve got plenty of stock.

There’s always something that needs to be done, whether it’s organising your office, cleaning out your trucks, engaging with comments online, or sending out an EDM.

There’s always something productive you can be doing.

Get that in your mind. Get that into your system. Program it into you. That’s how you’re going to expand your business and that’s how you’re going to go from turning over nothing to turning of $20 million dollars in a matter of years. Install that into your hardware and you’ll see huge results come back tenfold.

Get out of that mainstream idea of finishing work and switching off. Turn your phone off, knuckle down and get into your business.

If you’re sitting there wondering what you can do, then reach out to me and I’ll give you a list a mile long. I could personally sit here right now and I could work till midnight and I would still feel like I haven’t done enough.

Put on a pair of inspector glasses and search for something. Some people aren’t born with it, but I think it’s a skill that you can be trained and taught. 

There’s a famous saying about how no one’s going to ever increase 100% overnight, but what you can do is 1%. Anyone can commit to 1%. And look at that 1% across all areas.

I’m looking at it in terms of:

  • 1% – Sales reps taking off shoes at a client’s front door
  • 1% – Sales reps writing more polite emails
  • 1% – Quality copy across the website
  • 1% – The trucks are clean
  • 1% – We give a handy eBook to clients.

Before you know it, these 1%s add up and you’re an absolute machine. The trucks are always clean, your emails are on-point, you respond to people nicely, etc. Everything adds up. But don’t ever ever ever look at taking shortcuts. And to me, shutting off after work is a shortcut that’s setting you up to fail.

If you want to have a mainstream life, that’s fine. But if you want to live an entrepreneur’s life – where you’re set up to retire young – then start to install this system where you’re always looking for things to do.

It’s also useful to become a perfectionist in terms of having an eye for detail. And like I said, if you need help, reach out to me. I’ll give you a list a million miles long and help you grow your business.

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