You’re Damaging Your Business If You’re Doing this

You’re damaging your business if you’re not carrying out serious engagement online. This includes:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Blog Posts.

Have a look next time you’re online and watch the big players. Whenever they put out a post, look how many times it gets shared and commented on. Also look how many times the people who own that page are commenting back.

I remember when I started first putting out my ads and my advertisements and videos and stuff like that people would engage and comment and we’d just like it. That was damaging. If you want to see some serious growth, you need to start getting people engaged.

I could be putting an article out about rising electricity prices and I could write a headline like: Rising Electricity Prices or Your Power Company is Ripping You Off.

That’s something that’s going to get people engaged and start conversations. The next step for you to do isn’t just set and forget, you need to make sure you’re on there every morning and night responding. Answer comments and keep the conversation going.

Don’t answer their question with just a one-liner that ends there. If someone was to ask something like what type of solar panels are these, you wouldn’t just write back these are such and such panels. You would write back and say that you like to use this panel, then ask if they have a preference on panel brand.

Keep going tit for tat. Ask questions that are gonna get people engaged. It can be a positive way or in a controversial way. Or if someone puts a silly meme on your post, put another silly meme underneath it. Get engaged, get people looking at it and ask questions.

The funnier you can make it the more controversial you can make it, the better for everyone. Facebook’s going to look at you and go wow this guy’s putting out good content, look at all that engagement. So its algorithm will start to work in your favor and you’ll get bumped up.

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